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Public Demonstration and Petition Policy

In Keeping with the intention of Aguilar Public Lirary (APL) to create welcoming spaces that serve as publiic commons , no activity disruptive to patrons, employees' or the citizens of of Las Animas Cty is permitted at APL location. However lawful and peaceful assembly for the purposes of public demonstration or seeking petition sognatures os permitted on the grounds outside library building. All petitioners and demonstrators must abide by the following restricitons at APL location.

1. Remain at least 15 ft away from any builsing entrance.

2. Do not attach signage to buildings, structures, or landscaping

3. Do not unresonab;y interfere with the rights of others to peaseably assemble or to excersise the right of free speech.

4. Do not disrupt the nomal functioning of APL, damage, property, or endanger the health our safety of others

5. Remove all trash, litter and debris associated with the demonstratiion or petitioning effort.

6. Obey APL's Code of Conduct Policy